Making it to every brides dream

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We have been receiving regular enquires throughout the year for Wedding Photography assignments. We are grateful for the trust, affection and support shown and this is something we don’t take for granted. In fact it makes us go even further and gets the best out of us.

We have made memories for some awesome brides and grooms. We find that most of our references usually come from our past couples and their friends. See

We do accept that we will not be able to be part of the big day of every bride that query about our wedding photography. Sometimes we are unable due to our schedule or sometimes we don’t fit into their budget. In the past we have been blessed to have awesome brides and grooms that have given us their all by being part of our creative process and in turn together we have made memories for them, Their awesomeness makes all the difference in the photographs we create, as we strive to make their day, one to remember and special for them,

For us wedding photography is beyond the camera. While we have the equipment available, we are aware that the best camera can only make a photograph, but not a memory. For us it is a team effort, with us connecting with the bridal couple and in turn being inconspicuous with our presence .This we believe gives us the edge and makes our photography more unique. We continue to strive higher. We continue to make the experience for every bridal couple that much more special.

We want to stay exclusive. We want to continue doing wedding photography like our life depends on it. We want to do other cultural weddings and spread our wings to other geographical locations.

Having done weddings in Canada, UAE and India, (particularly Goa wedding Photography) and with the response we are getting, we are truly very much on our way to take Photooneil Photography to the next level that we are dreaming of.

And for which we are grateful to you.


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  2. Oliver  —  July 27, 2015 at 3:22 pm

    Thus much I thought proper to tell you in relation to yourself, and to the trust I reposed in you.


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