Rhea and Matt’s wedding was a celebration of two very close families coming together to celebrate love, in its truest form.

Rhea and Matt have known each other ever since they met in Australia. They were hell-bent on having their destination wedding in Goa. The bride (with goan origins) and Matt who loves all things Goan (obviously 🙂 ) were determined to have a high spirited celebration, which only Goa could offer.

The day was celebrated with close knit family and friends who travelled all the way from the United States, Australia, New Zealand, New Delhi and Gujrat to make it a day to remember.

We were approached by Rhea’s parents via email as they were in search of high  end Goa based photographers.

Rhea and Matt make a gorgeous pair and their chemistry is what we believe have made the wedding photographs magical.

The normal unseen nerves during the prep gave way no sooner they got together at the church and from there on, it was love and fun at the forefront.

The two exchanged vows at St. Andrews church. Rhea’s grand Dads walked her to the altar.  The reception was held at the picturesque Bagmaolo Beach Resort. The ambience was a cozy one with dancing floor erected besides the pool side. The love in the families and the bonding stood out at all times.

Shooting at the Bogmalo Resort was very easy, as the space is blessed with beautiful surrounds and the uniquely stunning beach.

Rhea and Matt, thank you for having us capture precious priceless moments. We are sure your album will be a proof and a constant reminder of the love and fun you had at your wedding, more so for the fact that it was held in Goa. Much love from us.

Photography- Photooneil Photography I Venue – Bambolim Beach Resort I Videography – Bosco